It's time for the last of the summer kombucha, on The Mosen Explosion

Much as I complain about daylight saving time causing holes in the fabric of the space/time continuum, it’s kind of cool that during a relaxed New Zealand summer, the difference between New Zealand on daylight time and the US on standard time means that I do the Mosen
Explosion at 8 AM on a Monday morning. Positively civilised, I tell you, especially during my month of relaxation over Christmas.

But soon, the winter weather will be setting in, not that there’s been a lot of summer weather to speak of in Wellington this year, and the clocks are going forward in the US next week. So this is the last time during this season that The Mosen Explosion will be on at 8 AM on Monday in New Zealand. Next week when the clocks go forward in the US, it will start an hour earlier at 7 AM in New Zealand, then when our clocks go back to standard time at the beginning of April, it will start an hour earlier still, at the crazy hour of 6 AM, reminding me of my spotty youth as a breakfast show host on commercial radio.

So to celebrate the last of the summer kombucha, I’ll be getting a few summer tracks on the air this week.

I have a bizarre story of my continuing weight loss journey to tell, in which losing weight on an unexpected part of my anatomy nearly had disastrous consequences and required remedial action. You’ll have to tune in for the story.

And just why are computers so frustrating, and why are backups so important? Another salutary lesson to be told this week.

Bonnie has been floating in a salt pod and will have all the details in her bulletin. We have an action-packed day in history to recap, and there is plenty of room for you to have your input into the show. You can do that by emailing me an audio file, which has now become quite the hip, cool and generally groovy thing to do. You can call our listener line, or tweet along with other listeners using our Twitter hashtag.

The Mosen Explosion’s about so much more than the music, it’s the place where we all hang out and catch up every week.
New listeners are always welcome, so whether you’re an old-hand or a cynical first-time cynic, see you at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, 8 AM in New Zealand.

Now to enjoy another cool refreshing glass of kombucha.