It's the Wearin' O' the Green This Week on Come By The Hills!

We're beginning the St. Patrick's Day festivities a little early this year, but then, it's really never too early! Actually, I'm amazed I've held out till now!

Of course, St. Patty's Day means that we're celebriting Ireland this week on Mushroom FM's best (and only, but never mind that) Celtic music show! So, get out the corned beef and cabbage and make sure you're dressed in green! I've got a sort-of-new setting of a poem by W.B. Yeats to show you in our newest feature called "Me Music," some De Dannan reels and jigs in "Fiddlin' Around," and a Clannad cover of a song written by one woman which was made a hit by another in "Celtic Covers." We'll have songs about whisky, songs about love, songs about dancing and songs about sorrow. We'll have songs by people who call Erin home and who are Irish in their souls. In general, we'll simply have a roaring good time!

So, join me for Celtic music from the Emerald Isle on Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern, that's Daylight Time here in North America as of Sunday, or on Friday morning, St. Patty's Day itself, at 4:00 AM Eastern, 8:00 AM (till they catch up with us in a couple of weeks) in the UK and Ireland!