Have a Hillislarious Time On Funny Fridays

Well, Bruce Toews is shaking off the last vestages of his cold, so, for one more week, Bruce won't be hosting Funny Fridays. Sara Hillis has very graciously agreed to host the show. But while Bruce isn't the guy behind the mike, he is the guy behind this week's selection of comedy, and he hope you'll enjoy what you hear. Instead of one big theme this week, we have several mini themes, including classical music and sports, among others. And of course, in the last half-hour of the show, we'll present Fit the Seventh of that marvelous series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. So please join Sara tonight from 9 PM until midnight Eastern time, or catch the replay on Sunday between 5 and 8 AM Eastern (even taking the time change into account) for Funny Fridays, only on the Home of the Fun Guys, Mushroom FM!