Back in the saddle again, it's The Mosen Explosion

We’re back in crazy times yet again for this week’s Mosen Explosion, where North America has sprung forward, but other countries have not sprung forward or fallen back in sympathy. So mates, mates, the Mosen Explosion may not be on at the same time as usual If you don’t live in the North America. It may be earlier for you. Check our schedule page for details.

Last week, I was unable to present the show due to the death of my Dad a few hours before the show was due to air. My family has always played a big part in the show in the many years I’ve been Internet broadcasting, and on this week’s show, I’ll take a small part of the second hour to honour his memory by playing the eulogy I delivered at his funeral, telling in short form the story of his life and the legacy he leaves.

Dad has inspired me to make a quite substantial purchase, and who knows, I may well have made it by the time the show airs. The beans are what I shall spill on this week’s show.

It’s James Taylor’s birthday, how sweet that is! He’s 69, so I guess he’s a bit past the sweet baby James stage. Nevertheless, I’d be delighted to play your James requests which should help your smiling face.

Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, there’s plenty to tell you about in this day in history, and of course I can’t wait to hear from you via email, Twitter and the jolly old listener line.

Do join me at 2 PM Eastern time. Currently, that equates to 6 PM in the UK, 7 AM in New Zealand, only on the station with the warmest, kindest listeners ever, Mushroom Fm. Really looking forward to being back with you.