Call into A Cuppa at the Mosens. We talk being blind, flying the unfriendly skies

If you’ve listened to The Blind Side podcast this week, you will have heard a story involving travel that Bonnie and I recently took that was not as straightforward as it should have been.

While frustrating and taken at a difficult time for us, our most recent travel experience was trivial compared with what American Airlines dished out to seasoned traveller and guide dog handler, Sue Martin. Sue was the victim of repeated federal law violations, as well as plain old bad customer service.

These sorts of stories happen way too often. Many of us who fly frequently turn up to the airport with a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach, wondering what we might have to encounter this time. It has to stop.

On A Cuppa at the Mosens this week, we want to hear your stories, both good and bad, about air travel, or any other form of public transportation. Are there techniques you’ve adopted that seem to minimise the possibility of a bad experience?

Why do you think these repeated violations continue to occur, and what can be done to prevent them?

With so many emotional support animals on planes who may not be as well trained as a guide dog, are we too accommodating of needs that are not as pressing?

Please tune in live, and most important of all, call in and share your views and experiences with us.

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