The Mosen Explosion celebrates the incomparable Dame Vera Lynn turning 100

At this crazy time of year, remember that the Mosen Explosion will still be starting an hour earlier than usual in some parts of the world, including Europe and the UK.

I single them out for mention this week, because on this week’s show, we’re paying tribute to a British national treasure on her very special day. I’m taking advantage of the fact that even though it will be Sunday for much of our listening audience, it will already be Monday 20 March in New Zealand. And Monday 20 March is the 100th birthday of the incomparable Dame Vera Lynn.

I don’t know what it is about Dame Vera Lynn’s voice that can move me to tears so readily. And some things are too precious to be over-analysed. But Dame Vera’s voice is so authentic, so pure and unspoiled. Every single line she sings is sung with such emotion and contemplation of the lyrics. The songs she sang, particularly during the second world war, spoke to people fighting for the very future of civilization, giving them hope for the future, instilling them with a sense of optimism, reminding them why they were fighting and why their comrades were dying.

After the war, she kept on breaking new ground, becoming the first British entertainer to score a number one in the United States, long before the Beatles.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dame Vera, ever since my parents introduced me to her music as a small boy. Since then, I’ve read about her, and listened to many interviews with her. She’s so unassuming, no trappings of celebrity about her at all. Yet she is an icon, and it is wonderful that, still as articulate but humble as ever, she’s celebrating her 100th birthday. Love you, Dame Vera.

In case you haven’t worked it out yet, there’ll be plenty of Dame Vera Lynn on this week’s show.

Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, we’ll have plenty of things to chat about, and there’s lots of room for your comments and contribution.

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