It's Another Episode of Come By The Hills!

I forgot to blog last week, but now that there's a lovely description of Come By The Hills in the schedule, I think I need to be extra vigilant from now on.

We've got an interesting song in "Celtic Covers" this week which, though often thought of as traditional, was written in the 20th century and whose tune has an interesting classical connection! I picked it at random because I had two versions of the song, and then I googled it and all this interesting information came out. I love it when that happens.

We'll also be acknowledging the upcoming celebration of ANZAC Day on April 25 with a beautiful song by Eric Bogle, and of course we'll have lots of lovely Celtic music and friendly banter.

So, if you're in the mood for a great three hours of radio Celtic style, join me for Come By The Hills, Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern, replayed on Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM in the UK and Ireland!