Only the 80s Coming Up On Saturday!

Hello Listeners

I would love it if you could join me for Only the 80s on Saturday at 4 pm eastern, 9 pm in the UK on for two hours of great 80s music and features.

As always, the show is packed with loads of great music and a quiz especially for you. You can look forward to the following:

12” Inch Mix – We play one or two 12” mixes in the show. These were very popular in the decade
Blockbusters Quiz – There are four questions throughout the show and the person who gets the most correct answers, gets to end the show with a song of their choice
Bargain Buck B-Sides – We flip over the singles and play the B-Sides, this week, we will be hearing from 1985 and 1987
Hits That Never Were – We take an album track that was never released as a single, we will go to 1989 for this
UK and US Billboard Charts – We go back and look at both charts, this week, we will be focusing on 1989

There is always plenty of room for your requests in the show and you can get in touch in the following ways:

Email, Anne at mushroom FM dot com
Or send a wee Tweet, @Irish_2009 and always remember to use the MushroomFM Hashtag #MushroomFM

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at 4 pm eastern, 9 pm in the UK right here on