It's Another Applelicious Cuppa at the Mosens

It’s another Applelicious episode of “A cuppa at the Mosens” Thursday 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav music apps. Last week, we got your thoughts on your hopes and fears for the big Apple event on September 13. Well, sir Tim has spoken, and we know what features the new watch, tv, and iPhones have and have not.
As the show goes to air, we will be just hours away from the time when you can start ordering the new products. Will you be ready to push that magic button? Why or why not? What ramifications does face id hold for people with disabilities? Is the price of the new phones worth what we are getting?
If you aren’t an Apple fan or use other types of smart phones, we would love to hear your thoughts as well.
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