It's the Marvelous Magnificent Magical Mystery Mosen Explosion, where dreams come true

Who’d have thunk it! Who’d have thunk that when I started dabbling in this Internet radio thing at the end of 1998, we’d still be here in 2018, with people being able to listen just as easily on portable devices as they can to terrestrial radio. My my, hey hey. And it’s time once again for the first Mosen Explosion of 2018.

In December, we deliberately missed the 50th anniversary of the release of the double EP, Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles. There were Christmas songs to be played, you see. But we’ll put that right today as we play tracks from the album, which is now how one gets the material that was originally on that double EP.

Also, since I was last on the Mushroom FM thing, a dream I have dreamed for a long time has come true. It’s incredible! When it happened, I thought to myself, I must jump on the Twitter and the Facebook at once. But then I thought, no. I want my Mosen Explosion friends to hear about this amazing dream coming true first. And so it is that you will, if you join me, the fool on the hill, after Darren today at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, 8 AM in New Zealand, only on Mushroom FM. The station that’s coming to take you away, take you today.