The parable of the Mosen Towers Wonder PC

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, in the early days of The Mosen Explosion, we hosted the show from desktop computers. In the very early days, it literally was desktop computers, plural. One to stream with, another to do all the cool broadcasting trickery with.

Time went by, like it always does, and after a while, laptop computers became more powerful. Since mid-2009, the show has come to you thanks to the power of laptop computers. Just run into the studio, dock the laptop, and if it wasn’t working correctly, say “holy soup! What’s up, dock”.

Time kept going by. It seems there’s no practical way of stopping that from happening. With Bonnie now using the studio for journalistic purposes, having a studio that’s self-contained and always ready to go, with no need for my own personal laptop being in there, makes a lot of sense.

And so it was that Henry, the wonder son-in-law who enjoys building computers, and I, were having a conversation. “You need to let me build you a dream PC dad,” he said, because he calls me Dad these days which makes me feel surprisingly fond of the lad.
“That’s actually a very good idea, son”, I said, since if he calls me Dad, the least I can do in return is call him son, right?

We then sat down to dream big, and design my studio dream machine. It’s full of RAM, fast things, solid state storage, and water cooled components so it’s a quiet as a mouse. Dude, it even has a mouse, actually, a wireless one. We’re mounting a monitor in the studio, so even the site dependent, like Richard, can broadcast from this state-of-the-art Mosen family studio. To cap it off, we’re putting two Sonos PLAY:5s and a Sonos Sub in the studio, thus making it double as a man cave…wait, person cave.

Last weekend, the building of this wonder machine was all complete. I fired it up. I installed JAWS. I connected all the audio components and configured Windows to my very precise preferences. I installed the broadcasting software, tested it on Mushroom FM’s secret test station, and at 3 AM on Sunday, went to sleep confident that last week’s show would be the first from the new wonder machine.

Upon awakening from my golden slumbers, I powered it up, and voila! Voila! Windows wanted to update itself to the April 2018 update. “OK Windows,” I said in a voice brimming with confidence, “do your update thang!” So it did, and so it was that this wonder machine was turned into a home-made, very expensive brick.

“Henry,” I cried into my FaceTime, disinclined to call him “son” at this particular moment in our relationship, “this machine you built is a dud, a dud I tell you! Take it away at once! Get it out of my sight!” Of course, in reality, he didn’t have to take it away to get it out of my site, but he did, take it away that is. The Mosen Explosion aired last week from the trusty laptop configuration that had served us so well over the years.

On Monday evening, I received a call from the wonder son-in-law! “Dad,” he exclaimed, because he calls me Dad these days which makes me feel surprisingly fond of the lad even though he built me a computer that just bricked itself. “I figured out the problem! It turns out the BIOS was hopelessly out of date, and now that I updated the BIOS, the April 2018 update is working, there are no errors and I even put JAWS on it for you!”
“Well done, son,” I said, since if he calls me Dad, the least I can do in return is call him son, right?

And so it was that on Wednesday night, Tuesday being the date of birth of the beautiful Bonnie Mosen and thus out of bounds for time-consuming computer soup, the wonder PC returned. Since then , it has been rockin’, and full steam ahead.

And so it is that we fully expect Sunday, August 26 2018 at 2 PM US Eastern time, 7 PM UK, to usher in an exciting new chapter in Mosenesque broadcasting, with the first ever Mosen Explosion from the wonder PC.

Will it blow up? Will it even get to air at all? The only way to find out is to be there for the live action, only on the home of the jolly old fun guys, Mushroom FM.