Our Christmas Cast-offs show plays songs that didn't get enough votes to make the top 100

Last Sunday, we played the top 100 holiday songs as voted for by the Mushroom Crowd. But listeners voted for 312 songs in total.

As has become our tradition over the last few years, join me, Jonathan Mosen, as we play four hours of Christmas cast-offs, a few of the 212 songs that people voted for, but not in large enough numbers to make the main chart.

It first airs in the Mosen Explosion replay slot, Tuesday at 5 AM Eastern time, 10 AM in the UK. If that’s stupid o’clock for you, we’ll play it again on Wednesday afternoon between 4 and 8 PM Eastern time.

The show is voice tracked which means I’m not live, but why not fire up your Twitter client of choice and share your thoughts on these tracks via the Mushroom FM hashtag. There’ll be some songs that you’ll be amazed didn’t get sufficient votes to make the main chart, and others that’ll make you think, “how could anyone have voted for this at all”?

It’s Christmas cast-offs, right here on your friendly festive fungal station, Mushroom Fm.