Back at a brand new time for 2019, it's the Smorgasbord with Jonathan mosen

It’s back! Join me starting this Monday as every week day I serve up another year of tasty musical morsels and friendly conversation. If music from the 50s through the 80s is your thing, and you like a bit of banter thrown in for good measure, you’ll be pleased to know that that’s what we’re serving up on the Smorgasbord.

I may not have a brand new pair of roller-skates, or even a brand new key. But this year, the Smorgasbord is on at a brand new time as a brand new show from a brand old friend fills the old Smorgasbord slot.

So you can now find me at 9 AM and 9 PM Eastern time each week day. To find out when that is where you are, assuming you’re not on Eastern time, check the Mushroom FM schedule, which displays in your time zone.

I’d be delighted to have the pleasure of your company at 9 AM or PM Eastern starting this Monday for the Smorgasbord, exclusive to Mushroom FM.