Remembering Peter Scanlon

It’s with both profound sadness and gratitude that I write this post to pay tribute to Peter Scanlon having just learned of his death.

Those who’ve been listening to Mushroom FM for some years will remember Peter’s distinctive Australian accent and his love of the early days of rock and roll, both of which were very much on display in the show he hosted for us, The Big Beat Radio Show. His grasp of that era was almost encyclopaedic in its depth.

Peter and I were in touch long before his stint with Mushroom FM, and remained in touch afterwards. Peter loved embarking upon new technological adventures. He enjoyed discovering things, figuring out whatever he could and seeking information from others if he got stuck.

I for one always looked forward to his questions, because once he had it all figured out, he was always very generous with sharing what he had learned. Peter was actively involved with computer users in Australia, helping to bring people together so they could share tips and tricks. Many will remember Peter as a patient mentor.

I have many fond memories of Peter, his numerous questions, and especially his love of cricket. If New Zealand were playing Australia at cricket, I’d be certain to hear from him with a gentle ribbing if we weren’t doing so well. You can be sure I would reciprocate when things were going in New Zealand’s favour.

When I wrote the first version of my Mosen Consulting blog post about Aira, Peter was in touch immediately, full of questions and keen to get hold of the technology himself. He also became a staunch advocate for the needs of blind Australians who were older.

I’m saddened by Peter’s death, but also grateful to have had the chance to work with him and to correspond with him. He made a difference, and will certainly be missed. My condolences to Peter’s close friends and family. And thank you, Peter, for being you.