On The Mosen Explosion, the big reveal, travel stories, and we give you a little Flack

It’s nearly that time of the week where I bring you four hours of great music, conversation and interaction live on The Mosen Explosion on Mushroom Fm.

The highlight of the show will be the Bonnie Bulletin, where Bonnie will be doing the big reveal, introducing us to her new Seeing Eye dog. Until then, my lips are sealed. WOOF!

If you’ve ever worked a guide dog, do you have special memories of your first meeting?

Some guide dog names are extremely…interesting to say the least, and it makes you wonder where the names have come from. If you’ve ever been given a guide dog with an unusual name, share your story on this week’s show.

I’ve done over 24 hours of flying in one week, but I’m back at Mosen Towers with a few fun travel stories to share.

And it’s Roberta Flack’s birthday, so she’s our featured artist this week. Now just how old Roberta is seems to be a matter of debate. I have two sources saying she was born in 1939, which makes it the big 80, and two saying she was born in 1937. Maybe we should give her a call and ask? Anyone got the number? The tension is, like, totally killing me softly!

We’ll look at this day in history and have plenty of room for your requests and comments.

It all begins on Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, 11 Pacific, 7 PM UK. That’s Monday at 8 AM in New Zealand.

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