On this week's Mosen Explosion, "Soup Drinker, open the new skill by Jonathan Mosen"

Time goes by like it always does, and so we approach Mosen Explosion time yet again. You’ll hear it live at 2 PM US Eastern time, that’s 7 PM UK time on a Sunday, and bright and early on Monday morning at 8 AM New Zealand time, 6 AM Eastern Australia time. So as you can appreciate, this little announcement is very…well…timely!

Find Mushroom FM online, check us out in your radio app of choice, or if you have a smart speaker, you can ask it to play Mushroom FM on TuneIn.

Speaking of the almighty Amazon Echo, it’s always good to boldly do something one hasn’t done before, don’t you think? Things like, splitting infinitives, or writing an Amazon Echo skill. It’s true! With Bonnie away and the house deadly quiet, I used some evening time to sit down and work on my first Soup Drinker skill which I’ve now submitted to the Amazon Echo people. Will they approve it? Will I have to deal with the trauma of rejection? Who knows. But even though it hasn’t yet been accepted by the store yet, I’m gonna show it to you and give you a good demo on this week’s Mosen Explosion.

Regarding the purpose of the skill, I will only say two things. First, due to restrictions with the method I’ve used to build it, it is only going to be available in the US store. Second, if you love your blindness technology, I think you will really love this skill.

Bonnie will be pre-recorded this week, over her cold and full of news from The Seeing Eye of Eclipse, the dog to eclipse all dogs when she does The Bonnie Bulletin.

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See you soon, I can’t wait to show you this new Soup Drinker skill I’ve been working on.