Same Silly Soup, summarily sequestered to Saturdays. The Mosen Explosion is baaaaaaaack!

Hello! Yeah, it’s been a while. … Not much, how about you?

The Mosen Explosion returns invigorated, emboldened with new electronic ears, and now on Saturdays at 2 Pm US Eastern time, 7 PM in the UK. Our new time means we’re on Sunday mornings in New Zealand and Australia, which means that our antipodean listeners can relax and unwind while the show is on.

Since this is our first Saturday show in the official Mushroom FM time zone, we’ll be featuring plenty of songs about Saturdays, and you’re welcome to request one of the mood takes you. We’re still here on Twitter and Facebook, you can email a message by text or voice, and you can call the jolly old listener line.

Bonnie will be back with her bulletin, and we’ve certainly had some adventures while I’ve taken a month off the grid.

We’ll also look back at this day in history.

So, I hope you’ll make the jump with me so I won’t be all alone at the new time. It’s the Mosen Explosion, now on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, that’s Sunday morning at 6 AM in New Zealand, still only on the mighty Mushroom FM.