Tension, excitement, and taking on an impossible task? It's The Mosen Explosion

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes following the last minute cancellation of last week’s show. I hope you enjoyed the replay from the archives. Now it’s time to bring you another live, fresh edition.

We did it we did it we did it! Few people thought we were going to do it. All the experts said it was impossible for us to do it! Even people in New Zealand doubted we were going to do it. The world was stunned when we did it. But did it we did. Oh yes we did! New Zealand is in the finals of the cricket world cup, playing in England at the home of cricket, Lord’s Cricket Ground on Sunday morning UK time, and of course right throughout the day since the match will take around eight hours if it goes the full distance.

We beat India in the semi-final in an incredible match where our bowling attack decimated the favourites to win the tournament. What I love about this story is the unlikelihood of it. New Zealand is this little country of about five million people, taking on India with its 1.3 billion people who are absolutely devoted to cricket. We’re the smallest nation playing in the cricket world cup, and yet here we are in our second consecutive final. Yes, I am unashamedly extremely proud.

Who are we playing? England, who are in fine form at the moment. It promises to be an epic tussle of historic epicness, since while both teams have been in a world cup before, neither has won a world cup before. One way or another, history is going to be made.

We have a good number of listeners from England, so I’m sure it will be a fun show. But I also appreciate that we have listeners in parts of the world where, sadly, not a lot of cricket is played. And this is where I’m taking on an impossible task once again. I attempted this a few years ago on the Mosen Explosion, but once again I’m going to try to explain the basics of how cricket is played, in case you can catch the world cup final where you are.

I’ll also be playing some of my favourite New Zealand music as world cup fever grips our little country.

Bonnie, who still struggles with cricket, will be here with her bulletin, and we’ll look back at today in history.

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It’s the Mosen Explosion, live from New Zealand, home of the mighty Blackcaps, only on Mushroom FM at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK on Saturday, that’s 6 AM on Sunday in New Zealand, home of the mighty Blackcaps, who are in the world cup, which I don’t think I have mentioned in this post yet. We did it we did it we did it!.