Let it be, new Sonos gear, and a generally big week for tech. It's The Mosen Explosion

Another Mosen Explosion is fast approaching on Mushroom FM, and with it, the end of a long-running series. Back in 2013 on the show, we began celebrating the 50th anniversaries of the official Beatles album releases. This weekend, it’s the 50th anniversary of the Let It Be album. Thankfully, the Beatles haven’t remixed this one. It of course received a do-over in 2003 with the Let It Be Naked album, taking out all the horrible Phil Specter over-production.

We’re likely to get some outstanding new audio from these sessions though when the movie produced by Sir Peter Jackson is released. Before COVID-19, it was scheduled for September but perhaps that will be delayed. With the busy shows we have these days, we don’t get to play a lot of music, but all the music we do play this week will be from Let It Be.

There is plenty of feedback coming in on the value of blindness notetaker products, or lack thereof, when most of us are walking around with very capable iPhones in our pockets. We’ll continue that debate this week.

Sonos has made some very big announcements this week. I’m going to take some time to explain the new soundbar, called The Arc, and some pitfalls you may want to be aware of as a blind person before you jump in.

Apple has announced when we will hear about the new features in iOS 14, there’s a new MacBook Pro, Microsoft have new laptops out and much more.

Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, and already we have received oodles, oodles I tell you, of contributions. We’ll get as many in as we can. You can of course submit something too, via email, Twitter or our listener line.

It’s another very full, informative, entertaining show and we would love for you to be a part of it. Do join me at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, 6 AM in New Zealand for The Mosen Explosion, only on the mighty Mushroom FM.