Join Jonathan for the first Mosen Explosion for 2017

Another year of Mosen Explosion radio shows begins…soon! I don’t know how we get away with it, I tell you.

I’m unavailable to host the show live this week, it’s summer and all that, or rather, it’s at least supposed to be. But never fear. Even though the show isn’t live, there is indeed a full four-hour show, and it’s got lots in it! In fact if you turn it over, you’ll see all the ingredients written on the back!

Gary Adler, a long-tine contributor to my little radio efforts for over 27 years now, will be here in the studio for the first hour or so of the Mosen Explosion for 2017. Originally from New Zealand, Gary’s been living in Australia since the late 1970s, but we’ll try not to hold that against him. We’ll have a good chin-wag and play some groovy music.

Nicola and David banana are here with the first banana report of 2017.

Of course the amazing Bonnie is here with, you guessed it, her first bulletin of 2017 as she continues to try and adapt to this whole Christmas/new year in summer phenomenon.

And it is amazing how many things took effect on 1 January! We’ve got an action-packed look at this day in history, the first for 2017.

Oh my word, it is such a show of firsts, and yet we’ll still have time to play you some great tunes, including a bit of the Beatles’ unsuccessful audition that they did on this day in 1962.

I hope you’ll join me, right after Darren, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, for the first Mosen Explosion for 2017! Hey I mean, I can’t say that after this week, can I?

It’s only on the mighty Mushroom FM,