Join Jonathan for the first live Mosen Explosion of 2017

Let me start this little promotional message for this week’s show by making a startling, staggering, hither-to unrevealed and shocking revelation. I am not Steve Cutway. Yes it’s true, just repeating that news, I am not Steve Cutway.

I make this abundantly clear because Steve Cutway, who’s awesome and highly epic show the Early Years is what we cut way over to at the end of the Mosen Explosion, has an in-depth show this week, dedicated to Elvis Presley on what would have been his 82nd birthday. Oh that’s Elvis’s 82nd birthday by the way, not Steve’s. Steve’s catching up fast though of course.

I make this point because Steve, an encyclopaedia of Elvis knowledge, will do a much better job of doing justice to Elvis’s birthday than me, and that’s why Elvis, while he features a little in this week’s explosion, is not our featured artist.

Thankfully though, 8 January is one of those dates where there’s no shortage of musical birthday’s to celebrate. While we’ll be featuring a number of those artists, our featured artist this week is David Bowie. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since he released a new album on his birthday, then died only a couple of days later. But there’s plenty of other great music too.

We’re back from an action-packed and highly eventful holiday in Auckland, so I have plenty to talk about, as does Bonnie with her bulletin.

We’ll take a look at this day in history, and of course, I’m keen to find out how your 2017 has gone so far. I hope you’ve been good, because remember kids, only the good people get exploded on this show.

So, with Darren ahead of me and Steve right after, is there really any other way you’ll want to spend the time than being logged into Mushroom FM on your computer, tablet, phone, smart speaker or smart fridge? We should play something from Frozen, just in case the smart fridge on which you’re listening has a built-in freezer as well.

The Mosen Explosion, not with Steve Cutway, is heard only on the glorious Mushroom FM at 2 PM Eastern, that’s 7 PM in the UK, and in New Zealand on Monday morning at 8 AM. If ya don’t join us, well, that’s when your heartaches begin.