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Use our cool holiday request system to request your favourite holiday song

The festive season is upon us, and Mushroom Fm is once again hanging out the holly and opening the holiday music vault. But this time, there's a twist.

A three-hour documentary celebrating Radio Hauraki, New Zealand's only Offshore Radio Station

I'm proud to give you some notice of a special three hour documentary to air on Mushroom FM this weekend.

This Sunday, 4 December 2016, marks the anniversary of a milestone in New Zealand radio. At 11 AM on 4 December 1966, a young man named Bob Laehy pressed a button on an open reel tape deck, on which was threaded a documentary that started a new radio station.

Mosen on down as Jonathan fills in for Caroline on the Country Oasis

I'll be back inside the Studio at 2, and boy, have I got an awesome treat for you. It's the best of country music old and new, you'll be tappin' them thar toes before I'm through.

Now we all know that our own cute Caroline, chooses lots of country music mighty fine. But she can't be here to host the show this time, so it's Mosen who'll be tryin' to walk the line.

So if you like country music as I do, then please join me on the mighty 'shroom at 2. For the best of country music old and new, rubber ducky I am awfully fond of you.

Y'all are invited to a Tennessee Mosen Explosion

What do Andy Murray and The Mosen Explosion have in common? Send your answers on a postcard, or wait until the end of this announcement for the answer.

It's time once again for another Mosen Explosion, as we continue our whirlwind whistle stop tour of the United States. This week, we'll be broadcasting from the very room, the very room I say, where Bonnie spent many of her teenage years as a teenager. We're rockin' the Explosion from Lebanon Tennessee, and what a fun show we have in store.

The Mosen Explosion's gone to the dogs. We tour The Seeing Eye.

It's the travelling Mosens back again for another extremely action-packed travelling edition of the travelling Mosen Explosion.
Remember, the clocks go back in North America tonight, so if you're in New Zealand or Australia and some other parts of the world, we start an hour later. If you're in Europe, we once again are on at the usual time of 7 PM UK. Boy how confusing.
This week, the Mosen Explosion comes to you from Fredericksburg Virginia, where we are seeing cool people, and Bonnie's cool horse. How cool is this!

The Mosen Explosion takes you on a journey

First, let me say this. "This". OK, having said that, let me say something else. "Something Else".

Now I also want to say that if you are in Europe or the UK, yes I am now making the distinction so I can start getting used to them being separate, the clocks go back this weekend, one week ahead of Eastern US time, which is Mushroom FM's official time zone. Because of that, the Mosen Explosion will start an hour earlier for you if your clocks go back this weekend.

The Mosen Explosion, Travel, and Baseball, and Bananas, oh my!

The Mosen Explosion is just hours away as I write this. Authorities are on alert, and appropriate warnings have been issued. It's the last Explosion for a while in front of all the lovely faders and buttons, as we're busy making a list, checking it twice, and preparing to visit people naughty and nice.

Mosen on down for this week's Country Oasis

Sadly, cute Caroline can't be with us this week for the Country Oasis. But I really enjoy my two-hour fix of country, so I decided if the expert couldn't do it, then I'd have to fix me my country fix myself. So I'm fixin' to bring you two hours of the best of country old and new, Friday Eastern time at 2.

I've got a few great story songs, some songs that remind me of my childhood, a few New Zealand country tunes, and of course some country with a Beatles connection.

The Police are involved in this week's Mosen Explosion

Ello ello ello? Now what's all this then? If you don't tune into the Mosen Explosion, then I shall have to ask you to accompany me to the station...The Mushroom Fm Internet radio station that is, where we have four hours of frivolous, fun, forgettable radio that's interactive and unpredictable.

When I interrogate you, I shall ask, "now do you have a police record?" And you might answer, "yes, Every Breath you Take!"

The Mosen Explosion Going Forward

Ah, cliches and buzz words, don'tcha just love em? Some come and go, while others arrive and become a permanent part of our lexicon.
I remember a human resources manager...oh wait, that's a buzz word in itself isn't it? Human resources. I mean, what's wrong with staff, or people? Anyway, I remember a human resources manager telling me once that we needed to take a helicopter view of a situation, and I'm so like what the soup?


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