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Coming up on Monday's edition of The Daily Fibre

On Mushroom FM’s technology magazine show, The Daily Fibre, more on Spectre and meltdown. If your computer is rebooting spontaneously after you applied the patch, Microsoft can help you revert.

A new report claims that up to 15% of Twitter users are bots, many of which are spreading mischief. We learn how easy it is to purchase fake followers, and about vociferous bot retweeting of Donald Trumps tweets just ahead of the election.

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On the Friday edition of Mushroom FM’s technology magazine show, The Daily Fibre, new public betas from Apple, and we reveal more that’s tucked away in iOS 11.3.

There’s a lot about voice controlled speakers today, HomePod pre-order day in Australia, the UK and the US. Sonos would rather you ordered a couple of their gadgets instead, which offer key functions HomePod will lack at launch.

With Alexa due to hit NZ and Australian shores on 1 February, the preliminaries are underway. We bring you up to speed.

There are more listener recommendations of Alexa skills.

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Before that new smell even wore off iOS 11.2.5, Apple’s pushing ahead with a developer release of iOS 11.3, and boy, is it packed with some significant new features. Thursday’s Daily Fibre brings you a comprehensive summary of what’s coming.

Not to be left out of the fun, Microsoft has a new Insider build of Windows, and is MacOS preparing to follow iOS with a bold change?

The Spectre and meltdown patch has, well, melted down, as Spectre continues to haunt the IT industry.

In an extraordinary turn of events, a Nokia smart scale just got dumber. Learn why.

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Thank you for all the amazing feedback we’re getting on our new tech magazine show, The Daily Fibre. It’s nice to know it’s appreciated and making a difference.

On the next show, it’s HomePod, Tim, , but not as we were expecting it. Apple is about to release it’s delayed HomePod speaker in three countries, but without all the functionality promised last June. We’ve scoured the newswires and have a comprehensive roundup of all you need to know.

There’s loads of listener feedback on issues including wireless charging, Echo skills, Bard during Government shutdowns and more.

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The Daily Fibre is Mushroom FM’s technology magazine show, heard every week day at 3 AM and Pm Eastern, 8 AM and PM in the UK, 9 PM and AM in New Zealand, 7 PM and AM in Eastern Australia.

On the next episode, Amazon opens a supermarket with virtually no human staff, what will it mean for blind people who want to shop at brick and mortar stores?

Has your social media been a bit quiet? The Federal Government shutdown in the US may be to blame.

Finally, Apple’s HomePod is very close. we take a sneak peak at some of its features.

Coming up on the inaugural edition of The Daily Fibre

Join me, Jonathan Mosen, as I scour the technology news sources, take your tech comments and questions, play a bit of great music, put it all together, and bring you the first edition of our new technology magazine show, The Daily Fibre.

Coming up on the first edition, a serious backdoor has been detected in a network attached storage device. If you have the device affected, this one is so easy to exploit that anyone can do it, and you need to patch it immediately. Join me as we discuss what backdoors are, what this one does, and how you can fix it.

On The Mosen Explosion, the dance goes on

It’s time for yet another edition of the jolly old Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM. As I write this, I’m heading back from Heidi and Henry’s wedding, which was a special, happy, moving, and perfect day.

Since we’re in post-wedding mode, I’ll be playing some of the music the happy couple chose for their background music playlist, and the wedding dance, at which I was the DJ. Dude!

Announcing Mushroom FM's new Technology and Music show, The Daily Fibre

I'm Jonathan Mosen, inviting you to join me for Mushroom FM's new technology magazine show, The Daily Fibre, on-air every week day.

It's the Marvelous Magnificent Magical Mystery Mosen Explosion, where dreams come true

Who’d have thunk it! Who’d have thunk that when I started dabbling in this Internet radio thing at the end of 1998, we’d still be here in 2018, with people being able to listen just as easily on portable devices as they can to terrestrial radio. My my, hey hey. And it’s time once again for the first Mosen Explosion of 2018.

at 3 AM Eastern, 9 PM New Zealand time New Year's eve, Jonathan and Crew are here with the traditional new year show

There's nothing like keeping up the traditions at this time of year. Join Jonathan, Bonnie, the bananas, the nearly banana-in-law and others, as we explode into 2018. New Zealand gets to the new year a full 18 hours before Eastern US time, a massive 21 hours before US Pacific time, and a still impressive 13 hours before the UK and Ireland. So, no matter what the time, why not do what so many people do at this time each year. Set an alarm if needed, crank up your best speakers and join us for one of the first broadcasts ever to be made in 2018 anywhere.


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