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This week, The Mosen Explosion says happy birthday to the devil woman himself

There are big changes in Mosen Land right now, but like old man river, The Mosen Explosion just keeps on rolling along, just has it has for, like, totally like, years and years and, like, years! Just to be clear, that’s like years, not light years.

We're headed to Egypt Station on this week's Mosen Explosion

Squee! The first new album of original material from Sir Paul McCartney since 2013 is now out. It’s called Egypt Station, and it is his 17th studio album. Already, it’s earned him his first top 10 billboard hit since 1997, and there are some fine tracks on the album.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, I’ll be playing a few selected tracks from the album, along with Sir Paul discussing the inspiration behind them.

The parable of the Mosen Towers Wonder PC

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, in the early days of The Mosen Explosion, we hosted the show from desktop computers. In the very early days, it literally was desktop computers, plural. One to stream with, another to do all the cool broadcasting trickery with.

Time went by, like it always does, and after a while, laptop computers became more powerful. Since mid-2009, the show has come to you thanks to the power of laptop computers. Just run into the studio, dock the laptop, and if it wasn’t working correctly, say “holy soup! What’s up, dock”.

We're in an exploding time warp this week

There’s no new Mosen Explosion show this weekend. Aw. But in its long history, there are many many episodes in the old back catalogue. So this week, we’ll be taking you back to a Mosen Explosion from this week in August 1927. Oops, the computer is having a problem computing that, so how about we just go back to this week in 2014?

Find out the things we were talking about and the music we were playing four years ago.

It’s all on the jolly old Mosen Explosion, 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, only on the mighty Mushroom FM.

Goodbye Stranger, it's a logical, Supertrampical Mosen Explosion

Once again, the time has come for another four hours of chat, conviviality, and some of the best music ever made, as The Mosen Explosion is let loose on a suspecting world. It can hardly be unsuspecting anymore, given how long this soup has been going on.

It’s the birthday of Richard Davies from Supertramp on 22 July, so what a great excuse to make this classic band our featured group on this week’s show.

Linda Ronstadt's our featured artist this week, on another epic Mosen Explosion

I’m back for yet another four hours of epic music, epic conversation, and epic interaction on this week’s epic Mosen Explosion.

Sadly, this week, I lost something of epic importance to me, my thesaurus.

Still, we soldier on, and we note that Linda Ronstadt was born on this day in 1946. So she’s our featured artist on this week’s show. Got any requests for a Linda song? She’s done so many epic ones! You can get them in via all the usual methods.

Don't forget, The Daily Fibre is your source for tech news every week day

I’m Jonathan Mosen, the host of The Daily Fibre, which airs week days at 3 AM Eastern time, repeated 12 hours later. Hey, don't judge, 3 AM Eastern is a highly civilised 7 PM in New Zealand in winter.

As part of my work for the technology consultancy company I founded, Mosen Consulting, I read a lot of technology news. I know technology is a subject that interests many people, and the pace of innovation means that it can be a tough subject
to keep up with.

The Mosen Explosion. I write the songs that make the whole world...switch off

Looks like we made it to another Mosen Explosion. I haven’t been alive forever, but Barry Manilow’s closer to it than me because he is blowing out 72 candles today. That’s why he’s our featured artist on this week’s jolly old Mosen Explosion.

For a while there, and perhaps even now, it was trendy to hate on Barry Manilow, and I never figured out why that was. He’s a great pianist, vocalist and performer, and I’ll be delighted to play any Barry requests you may have.

Mushroom Escape, our Old-time Radio Channel, now working again on TuneIn

Yesterday, we were proud to relaunch Mushroom Escape, our old-time radio channel.

We're pleased to say that TuneIn has now updated its database. This means you can find Mushroom Escape in the free TuneIn apps for iOS and Android, and in many places like Alexa, Google Assistant and Sonos.

Enjoy the pictures that only the theatre of the mind can provide, on Mushroom Escape.

The Mosen Explosion includes a major Mushroom Fm announcement

Due to a shortage of qualified personnel, I’m back with you for another four hours of stuff, on The Mosen Explosion.

This week, it’s quite an exceptional show. I’ll be joined by a familiar Internet radio name to bring you a significant announcement about Mushroom FM. It’s been in the works for more than a couple of months now and I’m thrilled to be able to spill the beans at last. I think you’re going to be thrilled as well.


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