Introducing a Brand New Album, the Battle of the Belle Dames, and so much more, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, at long last Loreena McKennitt's new album, Lost Souls, has dropped, and we've got it this week on Come by the Hills! We'll be playing the album in its entirety throughout the show, and we'll have lots of other great music as well.

The most exciting thing for me is that we're going to have a sing-off between myself and Loreena. Only on this show on this station will this likely ever happen, but it's really fun! You see, we both set the same poem to music, which is "La Bell Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats and Loreena's version happens to be on her new album. Therefore, in the third hour of the show, we'll present the Battle of the Belle Dames! It'll be very exciting I tell you. Loreena's music was the doorway through which I came into contact with the Celtic sound at all, so this is such a privilege for me, not to mention simply being fun.

So, if you're feeling especially folky, do tune in on Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern, after Steve and The Early Years, or catch the replay on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Eastern, 9:00 AM in the UK and Ireland, right after Jonathan and The Daily Fibre!