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Folky Fabulousness is Back Again, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, once again this sunday, Mushroom FM's Four Decades format will be invaded by those crazy folk-fiends as I bring you three hours of great Celtic and Folk music on Come by the Hills! We'll have some new music from me, some more of our festive repertoire, and of course the general merriment that goes along with the best virtual kitchen party on the planet, or well, at least on Mushroom FM. The show won't be live this week as I'm otherwise engaged that night, but it will be new and it will be fun.

Join Me Live, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's Sunday in Mushroom Land, and that means it's time for some great Celtic and Folk music on come by the Hills. Tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern, I'll present three hours of great music live on the air. We'll play a few songs from Canadian band Spirit of the West, as their lead singer John Mann died earlier this week, and we'll generally have a great time as we always do.

This coming Sunday on Come by the Hills, Big Changes!

usually I don't do my promo post for Come by the Hills until later in the week, but I'm too excited to wait this time!

I love it when things come together in such a way that a show sort of arrives fully formed almost before I've even begun planning it. This is what happened just recently.

This Week on Come by the Hills, We're Remembering Remembrance Day 2018!

Yes, once again, I have an encore presentation of MushroomFM's premier Celtic music show for you. it's three hours of great Celtic and Folk music with a Remembrance Day focus that was originally aired on November 11, 2018. We'll hear songs honouring fallen soldiers and telling stories from both World Wars, and we'll explore more modern attitudes toward this day through music as well.

So join me for this very special encore presentation, lest we forget.

It's the Annual Halloween Special, this Week on come by the Hills!

Yes, we're back this weekend with another episode of Mushroom FM's premier Celtic music show, and as Halloween is almost upon us, we'll be spending three hours in the land of fairies, elves and other mythical creatures. We'll have songs about ghosts and mysterious visitations, as well as songs about betrayal and tragedy of a very numan kind.

More Amazing Celtic Music, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's almost that time again, time to join Mushroom FM for three hours of great Celtic and Folk music on Come by the Hills. I'll be spinning tunes from an array of different artists and bands to satisfy your Folk fix, and to help my Canadian listeners to while away the eve of our Federal election in fine style!.

It's a Canadian Thanksgiving Celtic Cornucopia, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada and we'll be feasting on three hours of Folk and Celtic music once again on Mushroom FM! We've got quite a range of bands and artists for you this week, some modern and some not-so-modern, and generally, we'll have a great time. So whether you're gorging on pumpkin pie or not, be sure to leave room for Come by the Hills!

Here We Go Again, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's almost that time again, time for three hours of great Celtic and Folk music on Come by the Hills, Mushroom FM's premier Celtic music show! There's no theme this week, but we'll have our usual selection of music from a diverse group of artists to keep you entertained. So, whether you're a long-time folk fan or are just interested in discovering what all the fuss is about, tune in!

We're Easing into Autumn, this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, here in the Northern hemisphere, the weather is turning cooler and there is even, here and there, the crunch of dry leaves underfoot. The true beauty of Autumn has not yet come upon us, but the season is here, so we'll be easin' into the season with some songs with an Autumnal theme, as well as other songs which have nothing to do with Autumn so the Kiwis don't accuse us of being Northern-Hemispherocentric or something. It'll be another episode sans features, but one thing it will most definitely not be sans is amazing Celtic and Folk music!

Sara Smiles will Happen Today, Sort of

Due to some technical difficulties, those listening to the noon Eastern edition of Sara Smiles today may get half the show or no show at all. However, those listening to the replay should get the full Monty, as it were. sorry about this, but it was a silly wi-fi issue here at my parents' house which caused the buggaboo. I sincerely hope it is fixed now, and I equally sincerely apologize for the annoyance.


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