Sunday Will Never be the Same!

Yes, Spanky and Our Gang said it all. However, little did they know their prophetic powers, because now that Mushroom FM has Celtic music on Sunday nights right after The Early Years and before Moon Dreams, your Sunday, gentle listener, really will never be the same again! Since Celtic music encompasses a wide range of styles and crosses many generic boundaries (most of which were set up by various commercial musical entities in the first place,) you really never know what you'll hear when you tune into the station that is the Home of the Fun Guys on Sundays at 8:00 PM Eastern for the Hillisiousness that is Come by the Hills, the Celtic Music Show. Take this week for instance. We've got Celtic Rock, traditional folk, folk with a Blue Grass tint, a Scottish guitarist playing a middle-eastern melody: in short, anything you can imagine!

A great time will be had by all, or my name isn't Sara Hillis! So, join me right after Steve Cutway on Sunday night, or catch the replay on Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern following Jonathan and The Smorgasbord! I promise you'll have fun!