Your Fun Guy, Geno J

Hi there! My name is Gene Johnson, but I am affectionately known on the air as Geno J! I've been married since November of 2021, and am a 'Masshole' at heart, transplanted here in the heart-shaped state of Ohio! I am a god-fearing Christian, an avid audiophile, and a tech nerd!

I came to Mushroom FM back in 2016 and have been involved off and on now ever since. I've always been interested in internet radio since 2003 and have managed internet radio stations, and hosted podcasts, and radio shows for quite some time. I've always been a fan since Mushroom FM started and am finally thrilled to be a part of the Fun Guy family!

I don't have my own radio show here at the moment, but am always excited to be involved in Mushroom FM's festivities like their 'Holiday Countdown', and other events. One thing I can admit is that since joining the Mushroom FM family, I've learned so much more than I ever did on my own. For all the audio nerds out there, they'll be pleased to know that I have a Yamaha MG12xU 12-channel mixer, a Behringer UMC1820 8-channel audio interface, a pair of Behringer B-1 microphones, an Audio Technica BPHS1 headset microphone, and a few other audio peripherals. The most interesting thing I can share about my audio geekery is that I've converted a walk-in closet into a recording studio.

There is a bit more about me too! I went to college initially for a certificate as an ITC Support Specialist. When I accomplished that, I felt I needed more! A couple of years later, I returned for an associate's degree in Media Arts and Technology with a concentration in Audio. The techniques acquired from these courses were extremely beneficial, so much so that I started an online business doing voiceover and audio production called gbj Imaging. I enjoy making commercials, drops, IDs, liners, promos, PSAs, sweeps, and other audio content.

I do work full-time as a Customer Service Professional at Lighthouse Works in Orlando Florida. I've done various campaigns and really do enjoy the atmosphere. When I'm not working I enjoy reading, cooking, hanging out with friends, and of course internet radio! If you'd like to learn more about me, you can visit my website at I have links to my social media accounts over there, so do check it out! Thanks for reading my short blurp, and I hope you'll keep in touch!