Time Tunnel Tunes with Geno J

Hi there! My name is Gene Johnson, otherwise known as Geno J on the air and hale from Gardner, Massachusetts here in the United States. My show, Time Tunnel Tunes is a 'guess the year' type show, where I'll play music from a specific year each week and give you the listeners some clues to the specific year. Don't just listen and enjoy the show, play along! If you can guess the correct year, I'll let you pick one between 1950 and 1990 for a future episode! That's not all though, I'll also have your weekly "Time Tunnel Twin Spin" focusing on an artist or album from that particular year, and of course your "Time Tunnel Tribute" where I'll feature an original song and cover that somehow ties into the year in question.

About Me

I'm a recent college graduate who studied Media Arts & Technology with a concentration in Audio, and even received a certificate as an ITC Support Specialist at Mount Wachusett Community College. I own an online business called gbj Imaging, an audio production and voice over solution for individuals and small businesses looking for audio imaging like commercials, promos, and public service announcements. I even specialize in radio drops, IDs, liners, and sweepers too! Yeah, I do it all!

When I'm not doing audio work, I'm watching Boston sports, like The New England Patriots, (stop-start American football team) Boston Red Sox, (baseball team) The Boston Celtics, (basketball), and Boston Bruins, (hockey) all teams from Massachusetts. When I'm not watching Boston sports, I'm usually reading science fiction books. I also enjoy listening to music, cooking, getting out and hanging with friends, and more! Some of my interests include web design, audio gaming, and a bit of podcasting.

My love has always been in internet broadcasting. At one time, I even was a former station owner, so I know what an internet radio station should sound like and have a lot of respect for what's been going on here at Mushroom FM. I've been doing the broadcast thing since 2003 and have learned a lot over the years, but surprisingly most of it right here at the 'shroom, in particular, my first time here back in 2016 when I thought I knew it all.

Get in Touch

If you'd like to get in touch, say "hello" to me, guess the year, or even pick a year for a future episode of Time Tunnel Tunes, feel free to do so! You can email me GenoJ(at)MushroomFM(dot)com or send me a tweet. My handle is @ItsJustGenoJ on Twitter! Oh, and I'm on Facebook too, if you'd like to add me as a friend over there as well. Of course, you can find a lot more about me on my personal website at ItsJustGenoJ.com. Seriously! That's the web address. Anyway, take care and I hope you'll check out Time Tunnel Tunes with yours truly every Wednesday at 6 pm (with a replay on Saturdays at 4 am) Eastern, here on Mushroom FM, the home of the fun guys, playing four faboulous decades of magic mushroom memories!