Some schedule changes coming to Mushroom FM

In days of yore, Come By the Hills used to air on Sunday nights. For this reason, we didn't air the first edition of Sara Smiles at midnight going into Monday morning. Now that you can hear Come By the Hills on Saturday afternoons in its new time slot, we have the chance to make Sara's show consistent with the rest of our shows that air every week day, where you hear it first in the AM Eastern time, with a chance to catch it again on the PM.

This is particularly good news for those whose time zones are ahead of Eastern, which is much of the world, since by the time midnight Eastern comes along, many people are well into week day mode and hearing weekend programming seemed a bit out of place. Similarly, when the Friday replay of Sara Smile aired early on Saturday morning, much of the world was well into weekend mode.

So, to quote a famous president, here's the deal. Starting this Saturday 31 July at midnight, you have the incredible weekend sounds of Gary G with a Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That. Gary will continue to host his other show on Saturday evenings, right after the Snowman.

We will move our second airing of The Lost Lennon Tapes to Sundays at 11 PM Eastern, right after Decades in HD.

And from Monday 2 August, Sara will be smiling right at the top of your week days at midnight going into Monday morning, with the replay every week day afternoon at 12.

To check it all out in your time zone, you can head over to the Mushroom FM schedule page which will change as the week progresses to reflect the new system in the coming week.