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Back at a brand new time for 2019, it's the Smorgasbord with Jonathan mosen

It’s back! Join me starting this Monday as every week day I serve up another year of tasty musical morsels and friendly conversation. If music from the 50s through the 80s is your thing, and you like a bit of banter thrown in for good measure, you’ll be pleased to know that that’s what we’re serving up on the Smorgasbord.

I may not have a brand new pair of roller-skates, or even a brand new key. But this year, the Smorgasbord is on at a brand new time as a brand new show from a brand old friend fills the old Smorgasbord slot.

The Mosen Explosion celebrates the return of 26 letters to the alphabet

We all know why we can’t listen to ELO at Christmas time, right? Because there’s noel at Christmas!

But another Christmas time has come and gone, and the letter L is back again. That’s just as well, because this week, the Mosen Explosion celebrates the birthday of Jeff Lynne. He was born on 30 December 1947, and of course is most famous for his leadership of the Electric Light Orchestra, all us cool kids just call them ELO.

Got any ELO requests? Flick them through via the Twitter, the phone or the email, and we’ll get them on for you.

You're invited to a special celebration. Jonathan's 20th anniversary of Internet broadcasting

20 years is a very long time in technological terms. Mobile phones were neither smart nor accessible. Those of us who were online back then were mostly accessing the Internet via dial-up. If you had 20GB of hard drive space on your Pentium PC, that was truly massive and exceptional. Now, we have far more storage than that on the device we carry in our pocket.

Join us live at 2 PM Eastern, 7 UK, for a Mosen Family Christmas

Thanks to the wonders of wonderous time zones, Christmas is over for another year in New Zealand, but it has finally turned up in the northern hemisphere.

We’ve had a special, memorable day with the family. After we sleep off all the food, we’re taking to Mushroom FM for a Mosen Family Christmas at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK.

Miss the countdown? We're counting them all over again on Christmas day

On 16 December, we got together in classic Mushroom FM tradition, counted down the top 100 holiday songs as voted for by the Mushroom Crowd in 2018, and had a holly jolly fun time doing it.

Our Christmas Cast-offs show plays songs that didn't get enough votes to make the top 100

Last Sunday, we played the top 100 holiday songs as voted for by the Mushroom Crowd. But listeners voted for 312 songs in total.

As has become our tradition over the last few years, join me, Jonathan Mosen, as we play four hours of Christmas cast-offs, a few of the 212 songs that people voted for, but not in large enough numbers to make the main chart.

It first airs in the Mosen Explosion replay slot, Tuesday at 5 AM Eastern time, 10 AM in the UK. If that’s stupid o’clock for you, we’ll play it again on Wednesday afternoon between 4 and 8 PM Eastern time.

Come one, come all, to our 2018 holiday party at 9 AM Eastern on Sunday

One of our favourite traditions that has been established in recent years is the Mushroom FM Christmas party.

Sure, we get together to play the top 100 songs as voted for by our wonderful listeners, and hopefully, you cast your vote when voting was open. But it’s also about just getting together, enjoying some festive tunes and having a few laughs in good company.

Voting will soon close in our holiday countdown

For the last two weeks, you've been helping us to make a list. So far, listeners have voted for over 300 songs in our holiday countdown. If you've not voted yet, you only have until midnight US Eastern time to cast your vote.

While our lips are sealed about the current tally, we will say that the top of the chart is very, very, very close. Your vote could be the clincher. And you know what they say, if you don't vote, you have no right to complain.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, baby, it's controversial outside

Next week, the regular Mosen Explosion won’t be airing, as we make way for our annual, traditional Christmas party and countdown. Oh boy! Excitement abounds! Have you voted yet? I’m making a list and checking it twice, and if you’re not on the list of people who’ve voted, that’s definitely naughty, not nice. is how you get on the nice list.

And we're off! Cast your vote in our 2018 holiday countdown

We love our holiday traditions at Mushroom FM, so this time of year can only mean one thing. Once again we’re looking for your top 10 holiday songs, so we can play the top 100 songs as voted for by the Mushroom crowd on December 16.

Voting is a snap. Visit, type in your top 10 songs, or if you need some inspiration, choose from the extensive list provided.


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