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It's Thankful Thursday with a Listener-inspired Playlist Tomorrow on The Sara Hillis Show!

"Wow!" you're saing. "That Sara is really on the ball today with her blog entry!" The truth is that if it weren't for a listener's lovely email, I wouldn't have had nearly as much to write about for tomorrow's show. However, Elizabeth emailed me with a tale of woe. She has been longing to hear some songs by Beth Nielsen Chapman, and she can't find her anywhere on iTunes in her region. So, we're going to devote part of our Thursday on The Sara Hillis Show to this amazing singer-songwriter.

We're Waffling on a Wednesday on The Sara Hillis Show!

I don't know if I'm as much of a waffling champion as our own Bonnie Mosen, but I think I'll give her a pretty good run for her money on today's Sara Hillis Show. We discuss right weather versus wrong weather, (please note that this has nothing to do with whether it's nice or nasty weather,) soap opera pets, flu vaccines, and of course my theory that I have which is mine that the Mushroom Pot computer wil one day simply take over the world! We also have quite a few longer songs in the playlist for some reason.

It's Tuesday on The Sara Hillis Show!

Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious, but there's nothing obvious about what's coming up on The Sara Hillis Show! We've got Ding-A-lings and Steely Dan, Frank Sinatra and Olivia Newton-Jan--er--John. we've got a lot of great music is what I mean to say, and of course my patented brand of crazy musings to go along with them. I even delve into my misspent youth in response to a Brian adams song! So, hang out with me if you're feeling brave or foolish or both. Today at 12:00 PM Eastern or tomorrow at 12:00 aM Eastern! Whatever time you choose, I know you'll have fun.

It's Another Monday on The Sara Hillis Show!

I know you've missed it over the weekend, the random musings and rockin' music that is The Sara Hillis Show. Well, the good news is that it's back for another five days of fun! The bad news is that it's back for another five days of fun!

This Week on Come by the Hills, We've Got Celtic Canadiana and a Whole Lot More!

Yes, the Celtic craziness that is Come by the Hils is back for another week of great music and fun features. As well as "Me Music" and Fiddlin' Around," we've got a "Celtic Cover" which is sure to please. Yes, it's a scottish band's take on a piece of Canadian music history. IN fact, you may have heard this song done by other artists over the years, but tonight, you'll get the original Canadian version along with a very nice folky version performed by the Scottish folk trio, North Sea Gas.

It's Friday Fun on The Sara Hillis Show!

Today on The Sara Hillis Show, as well as our usual mix of magic mushroom memories and mediocre musings from me, we're going to devote our back-to-back music mixes to novelty songs! Yes, on this and every Friday, we'll be dipping into the novelty vault for fun and interesting things which are guaranteed to make you laugh, or at least just scratch your head and say: "Now why on earth did they decide to do this one?" Today, we have some Spike Jones and some Little Jimmy Dickens in the first hour, and in the second hour, we're making a departure to do what I've always wanted to do.

Thankful Thursday and a Tribute to a Canadian Musical Icon Tomorrow on The Sara Hillis Show!

Today in Canada, we learned of the death of one of our greatest poets and musicians, a man who has challenged politicians, changed people's hearts and whose music has been the sound-track of many of our lives. Gord Downie of the Canadian band called The Tragically Hip has died at the age of 53. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and his band embarked on a farewell tour last year which culminated in a huge concert in their home town of Kingston Ontario.

We're Groovin' on a Wednesday on The Sara Hillis Show!

Yes, welcome again to the middle of the week! If you're finding it hard to get over that hump and need some amazing tunage and some--well--marginally interesting conversation to get you through, then look no further than The Sara Hillis Show! also, don't forget that it's only a day until another Thankful Thursday! It would be great to hear what you're thankful for. Email or tweet with the Mushroom Fm hashtag, or of course you can always tweet me @sarahillismusic.

It's Another Terific Tuesday on The Sara Hillis Show!

Yes, it's time for yet another addition of The Sara Hillis Show. We've got music from all four decades of magic Mushroom memories as usual, plus musings on everything from South American politics which inspired a broadway musical to what it might be like to be King Midas in reverse. Yes, you never know where we'll go on The Sara Hillis Show, so why not come along for the ride, today at 12:00 PM or 12:00 AM Eastern, and see where the road will take you?

It's Another Musing and Musical Monday Today on The Sara Hillis Show!

Yes, we've started another week and that means it's time for another five days of fun on The Sara Hillis Show. It would be lovely to have you along. Today, we're talking palindromes, singing Debbie Reynolds songs in the shower, and who knows what else? It is the show where anything goes after all.

So, fire up your listening device of choice and check out the craziness that is The Sara Hillis Show with me, Sara Hillis, at 12:00 PM or 12:00 AM Eastern time and get ready for a great time!


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