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Tension, excitement, and taking on an impossible task? It's The Mosen Explosion

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes following the last minute cancellation of last week’s show. I hope you enjoyed the replay from the archives. Now it’s time to bring you another live, fresh edition.

It's a fab, telephonically enhanced, Mosen Explosion

Yet again, I’m back for another four hours of great music and conversation as we all get together for The Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM.

If you’ve been listening to the show over the last couple of weeks, you will have heard me make mention of the fact that the provider of our listener line appears to have bitten the dust. And sure enough, ahead of last week’s show, the number stopped working, seemingly never to work again. It has ceased to be. Aw.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, your memories of going online for the first time

I’m very much looking forward to being back with you live on The Mosen Explosion for another week and receiving your audio and written emails, your tweets, your phone calls and your Facebook contributions. Golly, this show is, like, so totally wired!

Yes there was once a time when our computers tended to be stand-alone, isolated things. You could copy data onto a floppy disk or print out a document, but that was about it.

Your iPhone memories, epic music, fun conversation and more, live on The Mosen Explosion

I’m beginning to feel like one of those super heroes, but without the super powers! Mild mannered chief executive during the week, crazy exploding Internet radio host on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK. What a double life!

Great conversation and Nilsson on this week's Mosen Explosion

It’s amazing but it’s true. Due to a shortage of qualified personnel, once again I’m back with you at our shiny new time of Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, for The Mosen Explosion.

Funny voice dictation errors, A WWDC recap and plenty of great music on The Mosen explosion, Saturday at 2 PM Eastern

After last week, I wrote to Mushroom FM management asking if I did well enough to be allowed back on at 2 PM US Eastern time, 7 PM UK on Saturday. That’s bright and early at 6 AM on a Sunday morning in New Zealand.

Mushroom FM management wrote back and said I was marginally, but only marginally, better than dead air and that I may as well have another show. This puts a new take on the old song, “I’m going to sit right down and write myself a letter”.

Same Silly Soup, summarily sequestered to Saturdays. The Mosen Explosion is baaaaaaaack!

Hello! Yeah, it’s been a while. … Not much, how about you?

The Mosen Explosion returns invigorated, emboldened with new electronic ears, and now on Saturdays at 2 Pm US Eastern time, 7 PM in the UK. Our new time means we’re on Sunday mornings in New Zealand and Australia, which means that our antipodean listeners can relax and unwind while the show is on.

From this weekend, some Mushroom Fm weekend shows are changing days

Starting this weekend, we’re making some changes to the weekend line-up here at Mushroom FM. We’ve been telling you about these changes for around a month now, but just in case you’ve missed them, let’s explain this here so you don’t miss a moment of your favourite shows.

The quickest way to describe what we’re doing is that we’re completely swapping the programming between 2 PM Eastern and 8 PM Eastern on Saturdays and Sundays.

It's the end of an era, the final Mosen Explosion Sunday show

When you were a kid, did you ever demand something of one of your parents, only to be told by the frustrated parental unit to hold on because they couldn’t be in two places at once?

It's a special celebration as we explode into decrepitude

Friends and family from around the country are already arriving here at Mosen Towers as I prepare to celebrate the big 5 o. The big day is actually 24 April, but the party is this weekend.

Over the last 20 years in particular, I’ve had the pleasure to occupy roles that have seen me work with and provide services to people from around the world. So when we were planning these celebrations, we wanted to find a way to include those who’d like to be a part of them but couldn’t attend in person, much like Bonnie and I streamed our wedding online.


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