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The Mosen Explosion pays tribute to Sir George martin

At the time I’m usually on the air, I’ll be in the air, heading back from the Blind Citizens Australia convention. That means it’s time to delve into the humungonormous Mosen Explosion archives for a replay of a popular show.

This time, a few listeners have requested to hear again the documentary I put together on the legendary music producer Sir George Martin. It was first aired just after his death in March 2016.

The Mosen Explosion, back live this week, complete with talkative banana

I’m back in New Zealand for a short time before my next overseas trip, long enough to bring you another live edition of the Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM.

This week, it's a Mosen Explosion St Patrick's day retrospective

First, while I’m having a wonderful time here in Anaheim, my heart goes out to the families of all victims of the terror attack in New Zealand. I cannot believe I am writing terror attack and New Zealand in the same sentence. Love and thoughts to all back home who are struggling at this difficult time.

After a day and a half at Disneyland with Nicola banana, we're off to Universal Studios at the time the Mosen Explosion airs. But fear not, there will still be a show to be sure to be sure. It's St Patrick's day, so it's time for a Mosen Explosion retrospective.

On the Mosen Explosion, Michael Jackson, should he stay or should he go?

The Mosen Explosion is back at 2 Pm Eastern Daylight time, which could mean that it starts an hour earlier for you if you live elsewhere. It certainly starts an hour earlier for me, and I had better remember that.

It’s the last live Mosen Explosion for a couple of weeks. Next week at Mosen Explosion time, I’ll be doing something Harry Pottery at Universal Studios with Nicola banana, so we’ll be going back into the archives for a St Patrick’s day special at that time.

Attention! The clocks spring forward tomorrow in our official time zone

Mushroom FM keeps US Eastern time as our official time zone. Tomorrow, March 10, the clocks spring forward.

If you are in North America and your clocks also spring forward, the only impact this change will have on you is an hour less sleep.

Starting this weekend, the Iceman's 150 show comes to Mushroom FM

They say ice and snow go together, right?

The Snowman is of course a much-loved Mushroom Fm institution. Now, we have the Iceman too, as he brings us his Iceman 150 show.

He takes the same radio personality approach as the people he grew up listening to and admiring, where the Radio host ran the show, made it entertaining, had loads of fun and held the listeners. His mission is to put on a great show with the best music, make people laugh, and have fun on the air and make them forget their problems. He says, "if I do that every show then my job is complete".

This week on The Mosen Explosion, by George! Some say it's your birthday!

Ah, summer. Wonderful summer. So glorious, so radiant, so warm, so gone. Only three short weeks ago, the feels like temperature was hotter than the actual temperature as we were sweltering in 34 degree heat. And now, the heat is electric as we switch everything over to hot after a very sudden cold snap that’s hit us with a feels-like temperature of 8 degrees. But you know, whether the weather be warm or cold, you’re always sure of a warm welcome to the jolly old Mosen Explosion, still pumping out the nonsense after all these years.

On this week's Mosen Explosion, "Soup Drinker, open the new skill by Jonathan Mosen"

Time goes by like it always does, and so we approach Mosen Explosion time yet again. You’ll hear it live at 2 PM US Eastern time, that’s 7 PM UK time on a Sunday, and bright and early on Monday morning at 8 AM New Zealand time, 6 AM Eastern Australia time. So as you can appreciate, this little announcement is very…well…timely!

Find Mushroom FM online, check us out in your radio app of choice, or if you have a smart speaker, you can ask it to play Mushroom FM on TuneIn.

On The Mosen Explosion, the big reveal, travel stories, and we give you a little Flack

It’s nearly that time of the week where I bring you four hours of great music, conversation and interaction live on The Mosen Explosion on Mushroom Fm.

The highlight of the show will be the Bonnie Bulletin, where Bonnie will be doing the big reveal, introducing us to her new Seeing Eye dog. Until then, my lips are sealed. WOOF!

If you’ve ever worked a guide dog, do you have special memories of your first meeting?

Remembering Peter Scanlon

It’s with both profound sadness and gratitude that I write this post to pay tribute to Peter Scanlon having just learned of his death.

Those who’ve been listening to Mushroom FM for some years will remember Peter’s distinctive Australian accent and his love of the early days of rock and roll, both of which were very much on display in the show he hosted for us, The Big Beat Radio Show. His grasp of that era was almost encyclopaedic in its depth.


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